Authentic products for innovative cuisine

The restaurant works exclusively with seasonal produce, most organic and local sourcing which hardly exceeds a radius of 60 km: and they come from vegetables from Le Jardin de Jean-Claude, vegetable-star Conas (Pézenas ) or Lionel Garcia, Lespignan. Meats are chosen from Agriviande in Aveyron, and the local fish auction. But the menu is also a showcase for the best of local Mediterranean at large, for example with a sliced San Daniele ham on time.

From the Market

1 Staters, 1 Maindish, 1 Dessert.

28€ at Lunch

33€ at Dinner

5 Dishes

Closed menu completely blind.
Let yourself be guided

5 Dishes – 64 €

Wines Packages

3 Wines – 10€

4 Wines – 14€

5 Wines – 17€

6 Wines – 20€


We strongly advise you to make a reservation by calling +33 (0)4 67 24 36 10.

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