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The restaurant works exclusively with seasonal produce, most organic and local sourcing which hardly exceeds a radius of 60 km: and they come from vegetables from Le Jardin de Jean-Claude, vegetable-star Conas (Pézenas ) or Lionel Garcia, Lespignan. Meats are chosen from Agriviande in Aveyron, and the local fish auction. But the menu is also a showcase for the best of local Mediterranean at large, for example with a sliced San Daniele ham on time.



La Carte

only for the Dinner


Invitation to Start:

The smoked wild trout 16
Confit of olive oil from the vineyard, dilled sour cream, chard jelly with fennel salad

Stuffed rabbit saddle 17
Stuffed with girolles mushrooms, blackcurrant and chicken liver. Rocket salad, pickled onions and vervein.

The tuna Surf and Turf Tartine 15
Thin layers of red tuna on it’s bed of foie gras served on a crispy slide of bread.

Main courses:

Blue lobster with Veracruz aniseed sauce 28
Foam of lobster bisque with coriander sauce, flamed with pastis with vegetables.

Filet of veal from the Ségala 25
Cooked at low temperatures, with Thé Matcha sauce and it’s vegetables.

Pour les végétariens 20
Vegetables risotto parfumed with Butterfly Pea and herbs emulsion.


Tour de Cheese:

Cheese selection from our best Terroirs     15€

On The Sweet never too Sweet side:

Please order your dessert at the start of your meal 12€

Basil and apricot wedding 12
Apricot and basil declination with semifreddo, brunoise and mascarpone wipped cream.

Galaxie 14
Raspberry mousse with chocolate heart and shell with it’s berry gelly’s

Caramel Melon 15
Layer vervain infused cake with dulcey ganach and melon parfait served with tonka milk shake.

Our Delicious Home-Made ice cream (3 scoops) 7
Vanilla, dark chocolate, coffee, Snickers, Oreo, blackcurrant, ginger- mango,tonka bean-passion fruit, pears and mandarines


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